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Legal & Law Firm SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the many processes that can be employed to get your firm to rank higher online, is a highly specialised area. To get the best long-term results you must engage law firm SEO specialists like those at LawUE.

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Legal & Law Firm
SEO Services

SEO methods employed for our clients include:

The foundational element of all great SEO results.

Technical SEO is used when an audit of a website identifies issues that require adjustment or repair for subsequent SEO efforts to be effective.

Search engines like Google are in the business of providing a positive user experience in more ways than one. While the first goal is to serve up accurate answers to online queries, search engines prioritise sites that have strong technical elements like good site structure, fast page load speed, search-friendly URL structure and a site that is easy for visitors to use across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

On Page and Content SEO is the process of developing connections between the search terms (keywords) your target market enters into search engines with specific pages of your website.

On page and content SEO is used when:

  1. Existing web pages are not getting any traffic (visitors)
  2. Existing web pages do not rank well for most relevant target keywords
  3. Existing web pages rank for target keywords but a higher rank is desired
  4. Businesses or firms want their websites to demonstrate to search engines that information is current and relevant (by updating existing content regularly)

Off Page SEO is the implementation of activities that contribute positively to your website’s reputation. When credible external sites reference your pages this builds link equity, contributing to your ability to rank higher.

Optimisation for search is not exclusively for written online content. SEO techniques can be applied to other information delivery mediums including images, video and audio files.

Local SEO is commonly used to target commercial keywords – search terms that indicate a website visitor is ready to engage a lawyer in their region. Best results achieved with on page and content SEO strategy both in play.

National SEO is commonly used to target audiences on a countrywide level. Best for product based businesses and firms whose services have a nationwide target audience.

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Law Firm SEO Wins

We have achieved exceptional results for clients in these practice areas:

> Agribusiness

> Construction

> Conveyancing

> Commercial

> Criminal Law

> Elder Law

> Employment Law

> Family Law

> Migration Law

> Personal Injury

> Property Law

> Tax Law

> Wills and Estates

Here is a sample of what those results look like for Law Firm SEO clients of LawUE (click image to magnify):

Who We Work With

Boutique Firms

committed to optimising their digital footprint and develop, maintain or enhance market prominence.


in big law firms seeking a law firm SEO specialist partner.


who are seeking a team to construct and execute an organic SEO strategy.

Importantly, our SEO services aren’t available to everyone. Here are two qualifying factors:

  1. We offer exclusivity to our clients by practice areas, cities, suburbs and regions. To learn if we have availability in your area, register your interest at the bottom of this page.

  2. If your area is available, we will need to conduct a Technical Audit on your website first. As above, good foundations are required for any SEO activities to have maximum benefit.

Choose Wisely

You will see promises of quick wins with this type of SEO across the web. Keep this analogy in mind:

There are lawyers and then there are lawyers…
There are keywords and then there are keywords…

The best results don’t come from related keywords. They come from the discovery of the most relevant keywords so the most relevant traffic will be sent to your website.

Proudly, our team has law industry specific knowledge and insights that cannot be matched.

Your SEO Team


Conducts strategy meetings, competitor research, is involved in and is the project manager for all SEO activities. Your point of contact for the SEO team.

Content Creators

Content writers, graphic designers, videographers and SEO monitors.


Monitoring of website SEO optimisation indicators and implementation of SEO activities.

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